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University at Buffalo Feature

UBNow opens this year’s “Summer Hours” series with Renad Aref, Assistant Director of Admission Recruitment and CEO of La Reina Charm, who is turning two of her childhood hobbies — coin-collecting and jewelry-making — into a growing business. Check out the article here. (Photo Credit: Meredith Kulwicki

University at Buffalo Communications Photographer)



CEO, Owner and Jewelry Designer Renad Aref had the honor of representing and being featured by NVGADO apparel. Colombian - Canadian artist and designer Diego Galeano is the creator of this amazing brand. The name NVGADO comes from the town of Envigado, Antioquia; located south of Medellin, Colombia. As seen on many Latin artists including singer Maluma. NVGADO is a brand that values exclusivity and quality. Much like La Reina Charm, where each piece is a conversation starter and tells an ongoing story. This truly starts with the designer and continues onto the wearer. Follow their instagram page @nvgado for more!